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Welcome to my playground, my garden.

It occurred to me that nearly every satisfying conversation I have these days includes some reference to growing things. It  reveals so much about the people I meet and mix with. There are many many garden geeks out there!

So to enlarge this conversation, let’s swap garden yarns. Whingeing about the carbon tax and price of electricity is one sort of water cooler talk, but much less edifying than how good the eggplants are looking or what roses are blooming and why.

The garden is where I spend the bulk of my time and gives me back more than I can measure.  So I hope you’ll join me here as I continue to grow it and if you also love your garden, we can share stories of our successes and failures along the way.

I am not a professional, nor have any formal training in horticulture or landscape. I’ve just watched enviously and closely as green-thumbed friends and family members  turned ordinary blocks and and bushes into things of beauty. I decided I wanted what they had. ( You know who you are, Jo, Auntie Deb, Marg, Phil, Marie, Trish.)

Back breaking barrows of manure and compost have turned our rural clay pan into arable ground. Exhausting – but so  exhilarating. What gets me out of bed in the morning is a curiosity to see how everything is going and what new bud or shoot awaits me.  I lose hours in the pleasure of planning, digging, planting, mulching, potting and watering.

I want to cultivate – pardon the pun-  a garden online chat between friends – and friends I have yet to meet.

This is an I’ll-show-you-mine and you-show-me-yours deal, ok?

And if you have a hint, a suggestion or a question, send it here. I won’t necessarily know the answer, but hopefully someone reading it will  – and act on it accordingly.

I play on a small acreage in sub tropical climate. Your garden might be in a temperate valley or on a chilly hillside. It might be a windy balcony or a dusty plain. Perhaps you share a growing space with a neighbour or even a whole community?

Come walk around mine and show and tell me your interesting garden tales and let’s grow and enrich this garden club thus.


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