No-dig ideas, just click your fingers

A SUBSCRIBER  to the  saying “there is nothing new under the sun”, when I dig up something that stops me in my tracks, I think: ” what a great idea; why didn’t I think of that?”

And then, …  “what a great idea. I’ll pinch that.”

With the megatude of social media and its reach all over the world, you hardly need to think of new ideas at all now. You grab and stash. You don’t ruminate. You click.

You trawl cyberspace and just borrow or steal anything from wherever you reach. In garden parlance, it’s propogating, sharing cuttings,  replanting and revegetation.

Do my chives look big in this?

I am in two minds about this e-snatching. Sometimes it feels like a cop-out on putting our imagination to work. Another part feels that you have to be out there scanning the big internet eye in the sky to stay in the conversation. Is it more cool to know a new style, recipe, design, saying, film, book,  joke than it is to quote the space you found it on, eg tumbler, pinterest, twitter, stumble, Youtube, linkedin, and demonstrate what a  multi-tasking, mutli-platform social media maven you are?

Accordingly, there’s no cred in keeping the idea to yourself.  It is way cooler to pass it on and share.

Probably these great ideas I find out there are  pinched and copied many times over before I even happen on them and the credit I might give to the source may not be deserved. We are all just relay runners. Maybe our task and skill is to apply and adapt so the original thought flourishes. Because if an idea hatches in a vacuum, does it really exist?

So, sorry if these captivating garden ideas are coming to you for a second or third time. They are so darn cute, I’d hate you to miss them. At least I now know what to do with jeans I outgrow.

I wonder what clever clogs dreamed up  the neat  green coffee table  for the verandah. Notice the trailing ivy is in several pots within the tub, so it can be taken out and renewed and watered. That’s a look I’d love to soak up.

And the neat seed storing in Tic Tac boxes is simply sweeeeeeeeet!

Sweeeet idea for seed sorting


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    fstopfun said,

    I love the pants planter! So cool!! 🙂

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